rain erosion

Rain erosion resilience

During its lifetime, a wind turbine blade is subject to continual wear – a constant collision with raindrops, dust particles, hailstones, insects - and more.


 Strong resistance to this corrosive exposure is crucial to its protective coating, particularly on the leading edge.  

That makes investing in the right coating essential to maximising lifespan, protecting guarantees and controling costs. Not easy because conditions vary so much with location, prevailing weather and local phenomena. Best to test before specifying.  

So for test, PolyTech regularly simulates operating conditions all over the world. And all coatings are made and tested to the new ASTM G73-10 benchmark, the most widely accepted for evaluating anti-erosive properties on the leading edge of turbine blades.


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Download white paper on Rain erosion testing on wind turbine blades by PolyTech


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