rain erosion

Test Parameters

Each test is done according to customer requirements. Special additional tests parameters such as xenon exposure, salt spray, etc. is also possible but is not a part of the standard test and must be inquired individually.

Test specimens

The test specimens have a length of 225mm that allows for a wide speed range on the sample. Running the tip speed at 160m/s gives a mid-speed of 143m/s and a root speed of 126m/s. The range combined with the testing time makes it possible to evaluate the rain erosion performance of the leading edge protection.

PolyTech can supply aluminum specimens, which can be used for initial screening of coatings/materials. However, decisive testing should however should be carried out on the actual blade surface material to get the best representable result. Blades are normally manufactured by Glass Fiber Reinforced (GFR) material. The GFR profiles can be supplied by PolyTech or molded by the customer.


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