rain erosion

Rain Erosion Testing by PolyTech

Wind turbines are exposed to many different environments and it can cause serious damages. In the PolyTech rain erosion test setup, these weather conditions can be simulated.

Rain erosion testing is carried out by PolyTech using a whirling arm rig, which is designed for the sole purpose of testing leading edge protection coatings/materials for wind turbine blades.

In one test run three test samples are included. The test samples are GFR Profiles or aluminum profiles where the customer has applied his leading edge protection solution.

The samples are attached to the rotor in the rain erosion test setup. The rotor is then accelerated up to a speed specified by the customer (typically 160 m/s at the tip). The required rainfall is simulated inside the rig.

The test is stopped every 30 minutes, or according to customer requirement, where pictures are acquired. Throughout the entire test is the data logged.

As part of the high-quality demand for the test setup a reference test is performed every 4 weeks. This ensures that the test setup always perform according to the high-quality and the tests performed at the Poly Tech rain erosion test setup can be compared with each other regardless of the testing time and the customer.

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